Waterway Ditcher

  • Construct waterways in 1/4 of the time of conventional methods
  • Reduce compaction, fuel, and labor costs
  • Construct or maintain surface drains and grass waterways of any shape or size
  • Handles varying types of soils with ease; performs in rock and other heavy debris
  • Trimble WM Drain GPS or Laser grade automation for the most accurate grade control on the market
  • Capable of moving 10-12 yards of dirt per minute
  • Directional discharge control with the ability to windrow the material close to the machine or throw it out as far as 120 feet
  • All wear parts are replaceable
  • Independent side blades for sloping waterways and surface drains
  • Automatic self-leveling tilt to keep machine level in uneven conditions
  • Truck Loading Hood optional
  • Enables easy removal of pulverized ready to spread dirt
  • Mounted Waterway Ditchers available in 5′ and 6′ models
  • Side blades and adjustable hood are standard equipment
  • Quick hitch standard on all mounted Ditchers
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